A New Chapter for Binksberry Hollow- Introducing Our Curated Butcher Shop Experience

A New Chapter for Binksberry Hollow: Introducing Our Curated Butcher Shop Experience

An Important Update: No More Walk-Ins

We’re excited to announce that Binksberry Hollow is making a big change: we’re shifting from walk-in public access to a more exclusive, curated experience for our visitors. The farm will no longer have open hours for walk-in business. While this decision was not made lightly, Kristie and I are enthusiastic about what this will mean for our guests and our farm family.

The Why: Creating A Curated Experience

In recent years, a significant part of our business has transitioned to our extended farm family making purchases directly from our website, followed by doorstep deliveries. However, we acknowledge that for those who are new to Binksberry Hollow, an online interface can’t replace the rich experience of actually setting foot on the farm. We believe that our farm is more than just a business; it’s a philosophy, a way of life, and a community. We want to share this experience intimately with anyone interested in understanding where their food comes from.

Our New Butcher Shop Experience: The “Micro Event”

To this end, we’re thrilled to unveil our new butcher shop experience, or as we like to call it, a “micro event.” The format allows us the luxury of time to focus solely on you when you visit. Whether you’re one person or part of a larger group, you’ll get all your questions answered, enjoy a tour of the farm, and gain a deep understanding of our philosophy, farming techniques, and the unparalleled quality of the produce that we offer.

Cost and Incentives

You’ll be pleased to hear that this micro event is absolutely free. Plus, for newcomers, we’re offering a special 10% discount on any butcher shop purchases during your visit. Consider it our way of saying, “Welcome to the Binksberry Hollow family!”

Tastings and Treats

Oh, and did we mention that there will be snacks? If you’re coming to a chef’s home farm, you better believe we’re going to have some delicious samples for you to try!

Booking Your Experience

Our on-farm butcher shop is now an experience event that’s only available through advance appointment booking. You can use the calendar on our website to select a date and time that’s most convenient for you or your group.

Deliveries and Online Shopping

Don’t forget that you can continue to order all your favorite Binksberry Hollow products from our website.

We offer free delivery for all orders over $50 within a 50-mile radius of the farm.

What You’ll Gain

In short, this new system allows us to deepen the connections we have with each individual who trusts us to provide local, high-quality food for their family. We aim to offer everyone a curated experience that aligns with the mission of Binksberry Hollow, focusing on the exceptional quality of food produced right here on the farm.

We’re incredibly excited about this new chapter and look forward to welcoming you soon for your very own personalized butcher shop experience at Binksberry Hollow.

Thank you for your continued support. We can’t wait to share this new venture with you!

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