Our Team

What makes Binksberry Hollow possible is our diverse team of friends, family and strategic farm partners. Each person on our team brings a specific unique set of skills that allows us to offer the most diverse selection of locally sourced natural farm products in the Western New York area.

Steven Binks

Culinary and Farm

With 35 years of experience as a professional chef owning many restaurants, banquet facilities and catering operations Steves’s main role is menu, recipe and product development. But a good portion of his day is spent checking on the animals and tending to the many farm CSA and butcher shop chores and tasks that need to be done.

If you have any culinary questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Steven directly.

[email protected]

Kristie Binks

Operations and Logistics

The real boss at Binksberry Hollow. Kristie combines her experience managing and running catering, restaurants, and banquet facility operations with her degree in recreation to assist and manage all aspects of Binksberry Hollow. From logistics to operations event management and customer service there is not one piece of the farm-based business that she does not touch.

If you have any customer service or delivery questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Kristie directly.

[email protected]

Brendan Monaco

Goodman Farms – Produce Specialist

I have been working in agriculture for 20 years. My family and I run Goodman Farms our 300-acre fruit and vegetable farm with 25 of the best employees you could ask for. Our goal is to bring the highest quality produce and products from our field to your table. We have been serving the WNY community since 1949 and will continue to do so with the same high-quality standards we have always maintained as part of the Binksberry Hollow team!

If you have any questions about produce vegetables for our CSA, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brendan directly.

[email protected]

Laura Myers

Animal and Team Welfare

Laura has a diverse amount of job responsibilities at Binksberry Hollow. Not only does she assist in running the butcher shop, manage the Farm retail portion of the business but she is also in charge of animal and team welfare. This is a unique responsibility created at Binksberry Hollow. Laura was given complete autonomy and responsibility for maintaining animal and human welfare at Binksberry Hollow. This quite simply means she does not need to report to or ask permission from any of the owners or managers to immediately implement any changes she feels necessary for the betterment and quality of life improvement (whether it be animal or human ) for every living thing that spends time on our farm. Profit is not a consideration when it comes to her decision-making process. Only welfare.

Christian Binks

Food Science and Complience

When not studying food science at Cornell University Christian takes care of process reviews and the science and compliance behind our culinary creations. Endless paperwork and compliance reviews with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, Department of Agriculture, the FDA, the USDA, and the Niagara County Health Department ensures that Binksberry Hollow is following the proper code and guidelines for safe food practices.

Frank Monaco

Digital and Procurement

Leveraging over 15 years of experience, Frank joins our team in charge of procurement and digital management. Frank is passionate about partnering with small businesses to bring locally sourced produce and products to you. He is committed to exceeding customers’ experience and expectations.

Shaun chojnacki

Digital Marketing

Shaun started his digital marketing career on the client-side working on email campaigns for companies like GNC and Garden of Life. More recently, he worked as Operations Manager and Director of e-commerce for private organizations that owned multiple seven-figure brands.

Taste, transparency, supporting local business and convenience all played important roles for Shaun when he decided to join the Binksberry Hollow (BH) team. BH is helping people discover and access the highest quality local produce and meats from small hometown farms as well as, bringing people together — farmers and consumers, families and friends. “Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that??”,  said Shaun.

Shaun lives in Williamsville with his beautiful wife and his Cavachon dog named Bella. In his “free” time, he loves watching the Buffalo Bills, playing golf (terribly), and taking yearly trips down to Marco Island, Florida.

Brianne Monaco

Culinary Product Management

Bre has always had a passion for baking since she was a child; making recipes with Grandma is her fondest memory. She took this passion and continued with it throughout school.

After graduating college with a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, Bre quickly started developing her own recipes specializing in gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan desserts. Also, continued to hone her skills in creating elaborate custom cakes for every occasion.

Bre joins the Binksberry Hollow Team to bring you delicious baked goods that your entire family can enjoy!

Andrew Binks


When not studying history and humanities at Niagara County Community College, Andrew assists with all farm chores CSA basket fulfillment, and poultry management and processing.

Ashton Binks

“The Hog Whisperer”

When not attending Columbia University for physics and regenerative energy solutions Ashton spends his time helping with farm chores and poultry processing. His specialty and great passion on the farm is managing the hogs. We call him “The Hog Whisperer”

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