Our Mission Statement And Goals

Binksberry Hollow is a direct reflection of our passion for food and a means to deepen our relationship and understanding of where it comes from.

We (or our local farm partners) raise pastured chicken, grass-fed beef, and hogs. We then process and custom cut  (in our certified and inspected on-farm butcher shop)   dry-aged beef, signature sausage, and truly farm-fresh poultry.

We are also partnered with Goodman Farms to provide hundreds of vegetables and produce items reflecting the bounty of the Niagara region through our ever changing weekly CSA / Farm Share.

At the Hollow we view ourselves as caretakers and stewards of the land that we are proud to live on. Animal and human welfare are a top priority along with maintaining regenerative farming practices.

Our website was built to bridge the gap between local farms and you, making supporting local agriculture easy and stress-free.

As a 35 year professional chef, My wife and I look forward to having you along for the ride on the continuation of our culinary journey.

Partner Farms

The diverse collection of locally sourced items we have available at Binksberry Hollow would not be possible without the support of the hard-working people that run the local farms in Western New York.

Here are just a few of our partners that we work with locally.

Goodman Farms

Brendan Monaco from Goodman’s Farm’s is essential to providing all the produce dairy and eggs for Binksberry Hollow. In the process, he is supporting dozens of local farms and truly showcasing the bounty of Niagara County. Below is a little backstory on this sixth-generation farmer. If you have any questions about produce, dairy or eggs don’t hesitate to reach out to Brendan directly at [email protected]

We at Goodman Farms have been farming in Western New York since 1949! We have only moved locations twice in our 6 generations of farming. Our first farm was located on route 104 in Ransomville. We took our products from there to the Buffalo Market by means of horse and wagon when this all started, which was a 2-3 day journey back then. The fondest memory from those days was two of our family horses pulling the loaded cart up over the escarpment. After that was accomplished one of the horses was let go and would always return home to the farm to wait for his owner to return. 

After farming on the ridge for many years and as generations continued we moved down here on Randall Road where we still remain today. Our focus then was more on vegetables and some fruit, but we also did many acres of Concord and Niagara grapes which were contracted through Welch’s. We also had a time where we raised pigs and chickens. As we continued to grow, so did our diversity on our farm, along with our desire to maintain the land and resources we were blessed to have and wanted to keep for further generations! This is still a huge part of our daily focus on our daily farming activities and way of life.

Over the years we have expanded our operations to be what we currently do here on our farm in 2022. We now farm around 300 acres of land conventionally, we have 3 greenhouses which give us the ability to lengthen our season for growing. We have around 55 acres of fresh market apples with 12 different varieties, along with planting grains as part of our rotational crops for overall soil health and management. Most years our grains are primarily soybeans to help restore nitrogen to the soil and reduce inputs having to be put back into the soil. Our whole farm management plan is focused on minimal soil disturbance, soil health, water management and minimal pesticide and fertilizer inputs as needed. 

Within the last four years, we have moved to having a 15 acre certified organic farm along with a greenhouse on that property. We have implemented indoor growing using a teraponic based system with over 105 living microorganisms in the soil, we have reduced our green footprint using many different techniques, along with starting a CSA like no other over the last 6 years. We are always learning and implementing new ways to help our soil and environment around us, by being the best stewards of what we have been given. We are always trying to supply the best quality product to our consumers while being the best stewards of our blessings. “Growing high-quality fresh food for people and people for GOD”

The Frerichs Family Farm

The Frerichs family has been instrumental in helping us understand farming, cattle management and all the intricacies involved with the process. We currently source most of our beef for our Signature dry aged line of beef directly through this family farm. Here’s a brief background on their family’s operation.

The Frerichs Family Farm is located just two miles south of Lake Ontario’s shores in rural Wilson, NY.  The farm was established in 1944 as a dairy farm, and transitioned to beef and certified organic crops in 2008 by its third generation of family owners.  Calves are born and raised on the farm using rotational grazing on pastures and crops certified through the Northeast Organic Farming Association to ensure modern organic standards.  We value land preservation, sustainable practices, and respect for our animals.  We think it’s important to model conscientious practices to future generations, including our five children.  We are thankful we can produce well-raised farm-to-table products for our family, neighbors and the local community.

True To Our Roots Farm

True To Our Roots farm is a small family farm right here in Niagara County and a great example of one of the many small family farms that Brendan Monaco from Goodman Farms supports by sourcing eggs and produce for our weekly CSAs. They have a great backstory, which Lynn and Patrick shared in their own words:

We learned how to grow plants at a very young age. My uncle always started his own seeds in a window in his home and would transplant them out into a small garden on the side of the house I grew up in. He also had a larger garden at the cottage he owned. He taught me how to start seeds and grow bountiful “fruit” in what I would consider his “Victory Garden.” I have always had a garden of some sort since I was a little girl. As for Patrick, his grandfather owned and operated a farm that he worked with his 4 sons. Grandpa set up and sold his crops at the North Tonawanda City Market.

We have heard many stories from Patrick’s uncles and father in regards to what Grandpa did with his farming. Patrick has had a garden of his own that he maintained as well. When Patrick and I met we started our journey of growing produce together with a large garden in our backyard. What we would consider our “Victory Garden.” The following year we doubled the size of our garden and we started selling the produce we grew at a small roadside stand we built. We knew all along we wanted to take our gardening to farm scale. But it was a matter of time, education, and experience.

In 2016, Lynn started college to earn a degree in Horticulture. We figured this would help us gain the education aspect we needed to get started at the farm scale. As for time, well, there will never be enough “time” as there is always something to be done when farming. As for the experience, that’s something that we will always be working on as there is always something new to figure out. When we started looking for a farm field we could grow in, we reached out to an uncle for advice on fields. He insisted that we use grandpas land as he knew what we intended to do.

So in 2017, we made our first pass with the tractor, and Flecks Farm was born. From the very beginning, we promised ourselves we would stay “True To Our Roots.” What does that mean exactly? To us, it means following in the footsteps that Uncle Jimmy left for me to follow, and carrying on Grandpa’s farm that he started. We pledged to ourselves to always be true in what we do and always be honest in our ways. As we farm Grandpa’s land we can’t help but wonder what Grandpa would think with the new technologies that have evolved in farming since his passing. And we hope we are making him proud as he watches over the fields and guides us in what we do! We take great pride in our farming practices and the methods we use. We strive to not only bring you, our customers, clean, healthy naturally grown produce, but also in protecting the health of the soil, watershed and natural habitat nature has created on our farm.

We try to be as transparent as possible with our customers because we made a promise in the beginning to not only ourselves, but to all of you to be open and honest in everything we do on the farm. So to us, we farm in a way to always stay “True To Our Roots!” And with that, we would like to announce that we have officially changed the name of our farm from ‘Fleck’s Farm’ to ‘True To Our Roots Farm.’

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