Shipping, Delivery and On Farm Pickup

Yes! The safest way to ensure that your meat is ready and waiting for you at the Hollow is to order in advance and then select a pickup date at check out. Will have it bagged up and ready to go for you. You can always add additional items to your order when you arrive for pick up on farm.

No. It’s always nice if we haven’t met before to meet face-to-face for the first time on home delivery. But it is not necessary. Your order will be left on your front porch in an insulated bag with ice packs and should remain frozen for up to three hours. Deliveries happen based on zones and you will be notified of your delivery day when you order.

Yes! We don’t currently have subscribe and save set up as a feature for meat orders on our website but we are more than happy to make arrangements with you to bring you a certain amount of meat every week so you don’t have to worry about placing a new order. You can  subscribe to our CSA and add additional items on with FREE home delivery.

Reach out by phone or email and we would be happy to discuss and special needs.

This feature will be available soon on the website.

We offer shipping, including free shipping on orders that need a minimum requirement. There are some limitations to what we can and can’t ship. As an example, all of our chicken products can only be shipped within New York State Because of our special New York State processing permit and on-farm abattoir. These limitations are clearly labeled on the relative products.

We  offer home  delivery on Wednesday-Thursday based on zones. You will be notified of your delivery day when you order.

Orders are shipped on Monday or Tuesday that way it will arrive before the weekend.

It depends. If you are getting an order delivered to your home and are home we will deliver your food frozen and hand it directly to you. If you are not home we will put your order in an insulated bag with ice packs and leave it on your porch. If your order is shipped it will be shipped in a box with a thermal liner and dry ice on the bottom. Be very careful to not touch the dry ice.

Yes. There are some restrictions for example or poultry products cannot be shipped outside of New York State because of our department of agriculture license and inspected abattoir.

Absolutely. We’re always happy to accommodate. We do not have it currently set up under our pick up option on the website for you to select a day other than our store hours Saturday and Sunday from 9-3. But if you would like to place an order online and pick it up earlier in the week don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the contact form and make special arrangements.


Our chickens and hogs are raised directly on our farm in Wilson New York our cows are raised down the road on the Frerichs Family Farm or at one of our other local Partner Farms. Our House Line Beef is sourced from Ford Brothers Meats and is used to supplement our dry-aged cuts and ensure the availability of top-selling cuts.

No. The animals we raise our property are raised on grass and supplemented with grains from W.H.Rhinehart’s feed company in Middleport New York. The cows that come from our neighbor’s farm are raised an organic hay and finished on silage.

We chose not to raise our animals certified organic because even though we planted the organic seed for our pastures and our neighbor partner farm use organic hay for the cows there is no organic processor within hundreds of miles. So even if we follow organic practices there is no way to process the animals and then have them certified. Infrastructure and services are always changing and we are always on the look out for ways to expand into new certifications as they become available.

No. We currently only process and butcher animals sourced from our family partner’s farms or our own. We will be offering a whole half and quarter custom curated cow in the near future.

For our dry-aged cuts, we only use the whole animals that we have raised on our own farm or our family of partners’ farms. This is a huge challenge as a butcher shop because we have to find a way to utilize all aspects of the animals. That’s the only way we know to source truly local meat. We also carry a house line of cuts that we source from Ford Brothers Meats to ensure we can keep the most popular cuts in stock.

No. Under our current 5A department of agricultural slaughterhouse exemption license, we can only raise and process our own chickens. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Our dry-aged signature line of beef is hyper-locally sourced Angus beef that is grass-fed, grain-finished and dry-aged for 14-30 days. Our house line of beef is sourced from the Ford Brothers in West Vally NY and is derived from Herford Beef. Our dry-age signature line is frequently in short supply. The house line was created as very high quality but more economical alternative  that allows us to keep the most popular cuts in stock.


Certainly! We have an open transparency policy on our farm. We will answer every question honestly and I’m happy to show you or discuss with you any of our policies or practices. We will be setting up several events per year where customers and curious friends can come out for a full farm tour.

We currently raise chickens for meat on pasture, Chickens for eggs (which we do not sell but give away to our on-farm customers), and hogs In the woods. Our cows are being raised up the road by our family friends at the Fereichs Family Farm.

No, our farm is not certified organic. We planted certified organic seed for our hay pasture but never got the certification. We cannot process our animals certified organic so it didn’t make sense to have only part of the process certified. This may change in the future.

No. We raise our pastured chickens and hogs on the farm and our cows are raised by one of our strategic farm partners.

Butcher Shop

We are open every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-3:00pm.

No. Our Department of Agriculture and Niagara County Health permits do not allow us to process any wild game.

Yes. We are always happy to honor special requests. It’s best to stop out during open shop hours and discuss it with one of the Butcher’s.

All of our meat comes into our butcher shop fresh. We then dry age and process further down into smaller cuts, vacuum seal in 3 mm thick vacuum pouches that are sous vide ready and flash freeze to lock in freshness. This allows us to ship and deliver our products at peak flavor.

Unfortunately no, not at this time. Our 5a Department of Agriculture producer grower (P/G) slaughtering permit does not allow us to process any chickens that come from someone else’s farm. We truly wish this was not the case. We would love to offer the service to our local community of small farms producing meat birds to sell to their friends and family.

Yes. Our 5a Department of Agriculture producer grower (P/G) slaughtering permit In conjunction with our department of agriculture certified and inspected butcher shop allows us to raise chickens and slaughter them on-farm then sell them directly to restaurants.

If you are a chef or restaurant and would like to schedule a tasting and discuss how our products may fit into your menu don’t hesitate to reach out.

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