Grilled Tarragon-Mustard Chicken

This marinade has a great lemon and butter flavor without any unnecessary saturated fat!
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Grecian-Style Chicken Brochettes

This dish is great prepared in advance!
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Chicken Cutlets with Asian Quinoa Salad

Sesame oil brings a distinctly Asian flavor to this nutritionally dense quinoa dish!
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Chicken Zucchini Lasagna with Alfredo Sauce

Lasagna doesn’t have to be a diet breaker. Vegetables, chicken and whole-wheat pasta make this a lighter, healthier...
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Asian Spaghetti Squash Salad with Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Get all the benefits of stir-fry without turning on the stove!
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Turkey Salami Panini with Sweet Red Pepper Sauce

Experience red peppers in a unique way with this easy red pepper sauce!
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California Club Quesadillas

Nothing says summer like this combination of west coast flavors!
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Turkey Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

A protein-packed meal for on the go!
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Smoked Turkey Gruyere Panini with Apricot Mustard Spread

I love whole grain sandwich rounds, you get the sandwich without too much bread!
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