Chef Binks

Steven Binks - as a professional chef I've transitioned my career and culinary aspirations to include raising beef pork and chicken on our farm and processing in our inspected poultry abattoir and butcher shop. My quest is part of an ongoing lifelong professional journey to create unique culinary dishes with the highest quality ingredients.

Tips For Cooking A Perfect Steak Like A Pro Chef

The Perfect Steak Cooking steaks is a weekend & holiday favorite across the US. But here in Western New York with just...
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5 Tips For Cooking The Perfect Burger Every Time!

Cooking the perfect burger can be fast and easy… it’s an American favorite, all summer long. I thought I would...
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Dry Age Beef, Is It Worth The Effort And Price?

What does it even mean to dry age beef? Well, the process of dry-aging beef is a relatively simple one. Really, it is the...
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Industrial Chicken Farming and The Tyson Chicken Recall

Tyson Issues A Massive Chicken Recall! There has recently been a hyper-focus on the safety of how chicken is manufactured...
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Everything You Need To Know About Sous Vide!

What is sous vide? Sous vide is a long-practiced method of cooking food in which the food is sealed in a bag, and then submerged...
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Where's The Beef?

Are meat shortages making a comeback? Walking the aisle of your local grocery store, you may be noticing that certain products...
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Spring Has Arrived At the Hollow

What an exciting time to be on the farm. Spring used to be my least favorite season. So much cleanup, endless landscaping,...
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Kristie And Steve

Welcome to the Hollow

It feels like five minutes ago that I first started planning and thinking about owning and operating a farm; in reality,...
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