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No Commitment, No Minimum, Free Home Delivery and Bundles that Save

Please Use The Form Below To Sign Up For Notifications About our CSA / Farm Share

No Commitment, No Minimum, Free Home Delivery and Bundles that Save.

Binksberry Hollow is proud to announce our partnership with Goodman Farms to offer weekly CSA/farm share boxes delivered right to your door. Whether you’re looking for farm-fresh vegetables, an assortment of meat or a combination of both, we have you covered.

We have lofty goals with achieving our version of what a CSA farm share should be. From what we have seen and heard from our customers, the biggest problem with the CSA is you get a basket full of ingredients that you don’t necessarily need or have no way of effectively using in meals that week.

We want to try to solve the problem and create a solid bridge between our consumers and affordable, locally sourced and raised food items.

What does that mean?

Binksberry Hollow releases baskets weekly that focuses on what is available right now in our local community or from trusted suppliers. But if that doesn’t fit your lifestyle you should be able to have the ability to order only what you want. This means no minimums, no commitments, and free home delivery. This allows you to order the way you eat, the amount you need, so that you are using what’s available locally that aligns with your core values and preferences while supporting sustainable agriculture without having to make the sacrifices normally associated with this endeavor. Ultimately, this allows for more flexibility and less waste!

How will it work?

The way this is possible is by partnering with one of the largest CSA’s in Western New York. So that’s exactly what we did. Since starting Binksberry Hollow we have had an overwhelming amount of support and positive feedback from our community of customers that value sustainable farming practices combined with the convenience of shipped to your door, direct from farm, local meats. To push forward our goals to offer a more inclusive and diverse experience we have partnered with our friends at Goodman Farms offering weekly CSA / Farm Share baskets delivered directly to your door, without any commitment and the ability to add anything à la carte offered on our website.

What has made this partnership possible?

Our farm partnerships stem from having fully aligned core values and philosophies. At Binksberry Hollow we raise chickens and hogs on pasture and source custom raised beef from our trusted farm partners. Brendan Monaco from Goodman Farms raises both USDA Certified Organic, Pesticide free and traditional market crops on his multiple-property farm. We are both firm advocates and supporters of regenerative farming and agriculture. Human and animal welfare are also at the forefront of both of our operations. We view ourselves as caretakers of the land and animals that we are responsible for and also the human beings that help us achieve our goals. We both work daily to have a deeper understanding of the impact we have on the land that we use and the community that we support by providing food.

This partnership adds a tremendous amount of options for our team here at Binksberry Hollow. Allowing us to offer all vegetables or meat or any combination of all the above value-packed CSA/farm shares directly to the community. Combined with the ability to add ala carte any produce, meat or other items from the extensive inventory we hope , will allow one-stop shopping for locally produced sustainability-driven local agriculture products without the commitment, minimums or logistical issues normally associated with trying to support local agriculture.

I cannot remember a time in memory that I have been more excited about the possibilities for the future. With my 40 years of experience as a professional chef curating a locally sourced sustainable food option complete with recipes and guidance on how to use and maintain a locally sourced food lifestyle is something I could’ve never dreamed possible. Partnering with Goodman Farms will give us the flexibility and product diversity to fulfill that goal.

If you haven’t done so already use the sign-up form to add your name and email and we will keep you up-to-date with what is going on and what is available with this new partnership. Or if you’d like to start getting deliveries this week, use the link below to get started.

Please Use The Form Below To Sign Up For Notifications About our CSA / Farm Share


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